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Rhinestone Scrunchie PonyTail Cuff - Solid Color

Rhinestone Scrunchie PonyTail Cuff - Solid Color

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Rhinestone Scrunchie PonyTail Cuff - Perfect for Cheer, Dance, Gymnastics, Spirit or a Fun Night Out! Customize cuff colors and sizes for the perfect fit! Created with a Hook & Loop Closure To Allow For Adjustments.

Design Your PonyTail Cuff
-  Base: Black or White

-  Choose Cheer Fabric
-  Choose Hardware: Fold Over Elastic or Pony Holder (Color Will Match Base)
-  Choose Size
  1.5" Height x 6" - Pony Width of 4.5" - 5" - Standard
  1.5" Height x 8" - Pony Width of 6.5" - 7"

How To Wear:
- Style hair as desired with a pony holder.
- Attach the PonyTail Cuff with the attached Fold Over Elastic OR Ponyholder
- Close the cuff with the Hook & Loop

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