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Glitter Cheer Bow - 36 Color Options
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Paw Print Tick Tock Sublimation Cheer Bow - Customize Colors
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Tiger Chevron Cheer Bow - Barnstable Academy - Years 2019 2020 2021 2022
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3d Diamond Rhinestone Tailless Cheer Bow
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American Flag Cheer Bow - Glitter Sublimation Flag Cheer Bow
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Promoposal Cheer Bow - ME without YOU is like a cheerleader without a BOW Promposal Cheer Bow
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Senior Cheer Bow - Senior Softball Bow - Graduation Year Bow
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Personalized Cheer Bow - Name Cheer Bow

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Product Safety & Care

We take great care in the creation of all of our items. Please note, that items from Not Without A BowTM are not intended for small children and are not intended to be played with. Many of our products are small, contain ceramic embellishments and small pieces - please properly supervise children to ensure their safety. Not recommended for children under age 3.
In Compliance with the:
U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
Small Parts Regulation
Our Products are NOT recommended for children under age 3. Rhinestone Designs are not recommended for children under age 12.
We are not responsible for hair elastic breakage. We do provide top quality hair elastics and recommend that hair is styled with a separate hair elastic in additional to our cheer bow. The cheer bow hair elastic is not meant to hold your hair style in place - it is intended to hold the bow in place
Caring for Your Hair Bows:
Our products are made with great care. If however you should find a bow squished in a box or drawer.
Simply fluff up your bow and stuff it with a piece of PLAIN WHITE paper towel until you are ready to use it again. The bow should return back to it's original beautiful shape.

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